“In a remote future, everyone is connected to the augmented reality. You are M.C. , enjoy the ride.”

"The 4th Room" is a 360-degrees short film about transhumanism and how technology will eventually infiltrate our brains to enlighten us or, from another perspective, annihilate ourselves.

"The 4th Room" will drop in

It took us almost 5 years of post-production in order to re-create the complex VFXs required by the narrative. We are finally ready to release "The 4th Room" to the world but we're doing it only where virtual reality has a reason to exist: the NFT metaverse. We will start an auction for the one and only digital copy existing of "The 4th Room" - it will be up to the future owner what to do with it: re-sell it, upload it to share it or destroy it forever.

The auction will go live on this page: https://rarible.com/spnullfilm

"The 4th Room" is a cinematic VR experience made by Sebastiano Pupino and Emanuele Serra.

Featuring Alvaro Flores as DIEGO_BOT

Soundtrack by Samuele Strufaldi 

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"The 4th Room" is available exclusively on Rarible